American Standard Brand Ranked #1 in Fewer Repairs. Read on...

In a February 2015 edition of a national magazine, 197 top home products were ranked to see how they compare in performance and reliability. A survey of almost 34,000 readers who purchased a central heat pump, air conditioning system and gas furnace between 2007-2013 was performed and the American Standard Heat Pumps, Central Air Conditioners and Gas Furnaces ranked #1 in the amount of fewer repairs than that of other popular brands. The American Standard brand has achieved this award consistently for the last 20 years and here's why:

Reliability: You can always depend on the reliability of American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning for a system built to deliver quality heating and cooling during your most precious moments.  Since 1881, we've built our brand on the promise of comfort and long-lasting reliability for families everywhere with American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning. Read more at 

American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning offers an array of high-performing and high-quality HVAC systems that work smarter to manage your home energy consumption and help to reduce your electric bill and natural gas, propane and oil costs. Many factors can influence the potential savings on your energy usage, including efficiency rating, lifestyle and having the right-sized system for your home.

With ENERGY STAR®-qualified air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces, and other home energy products, you get the comfort you want with the energy savings that ensure your investment works smarter for you and your family. ENERGY STAR® is a voluntary labeling program developed by the U.S. Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to promote awareness of energy-efficient products.

As a government-backed program, ENERGY STAR® is helping businesses and individuals reduce energy costs and protect the environment through superior energy efficiency. In order to qualify for ENERGY STAR®, heating and cooling units must meet or exceed minimum efficiency ratings. With a proper load calculation for the right-sized HVAC system and one of American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning’s ENERGY STAR® products, you can keep your utility bills down and reduce energy costs.

American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning has partnered with the EPA to ensure our HVAC systems work smarter. We label our high-efficiency systems with the ENERGY STAR® certified label so that consumers can easily make the choice to keep their home comfortable while keeping energy usage down. In turn, this also makes it easy for you to identify higher-efficiency products that can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lower your carbon footprint.